Safu Seghatoleslami’s anatomy.

  1. Feet: Today they are in Paris, having lived in Tehran, Barcelona, Majorca, Ourense, Vigo, A Coruña and Madrid. They have travelled half way around the world, but have never touched the ground.
  2. Tongue: She talks the talk in Persian, Azerbaijan Turkish, Spanish, Catalan, English and some French. And talks a lot.
  3. Knees: They are straight and stable, but wait till someone cries out There is a light that never goes out.
  4. Head: Hangover-proof.
  5. Nose: no matter what it’s prominent and ahead of her time.
  6. Heart: split between L´écume des jours, Rei Kawakubo, the color red, Madrid, champagne, Morrissey, Taste of cherry of Kiarostami and family.
  7. Cheekbones: blessed / endowed with airbags to deploy in any inconvenient daily crashes.
  8. Her expression when she sees something anthracite.
  9. Shoulder: XS common in curious people
  10. Waist: Mae West style (don’t say it) resilient and flexible under any situation.
  11. Hands: They go bananas at any given flea market.
  12. Ears: Enriched with patience, embellished with her mom’s handmade earrings which are a reflection of who she is.
  13. Wooden chest: from El Rastro (Madrid), suitable to rest her left elbow on or to lay against in a slumber.
  14. Elbows: absent while she studies Industrial Design at ESDI School in Barcelona, but ready to elbow their way through the catwalks.
  15. Curtain made from a material that is vintage African cloth blended with flax and designed by Safu. They will never cover up the essence of Safsafu to be far more than an accessories brand.